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A Vatican City Tour: Key Attractions

The Vatican is a state on its own, situated in the middle of Rome, the capital city of Italy. It is the headquarters of the Catholic Church in the world and serves as one of the most iconic, oldest and majestic tourist sites in the world. It happens to be the smallest sovereign independent states in the world.

A visit to this city presents a chance to explore history, architecture, and religion on a grand and epic scale. There is so much history, culture and religion to consume. It is a walled city that has several famous spots which most people traveling cannot afford not to visit. Attractions such as the St. Paul’s Basilica, the tombs of St. Peter’s Crypt, and the Vatican Museum are some of the places a tour must not miss.

St. Paul’s Basilica is a magnificent structure that is at the center of the Vatican City. It is an icon that demands to be visited when you are on a Vatican tour. It is the Christian church with the biggest interior there is. It is where St. Paul was buried, the site of which is marked by a large canopy of gold and bronze. It is a site to behold for any member of one of the tours. There are also other wonderful decorations spread across the entire church, with marble, sculptures, and gilding, as well as famous works of art by the world’s most renowned artists. There is the most famous work of Michelangelo, the Pieta, as well as the main dome he designed. Open this page for more info:

There is the St. Peter’s Crypt, also known as the Vatican Grotto. Those who have served as the Pope, or Bishops and Archbishops have always gotten a special burial location in the Catholic Church. These spots then gain popularity as tourist attraction over time. You shall, therefore, get a chance to visit all the burial spots of all the Popes that ever were.

There is also the Vatican Museum, which happens to be one of the most important museums in the world. It contains an extensive collection that has been carefully curated and preserved over time, since the dawn of the Catholic Church. It, therefore, boasts of one of the world’s oldest records to still be kept in the best condition possible. There is so much for you to see, time will likely not be enough. In terms of art, you shall get a chance to see the works of Caravaggio, Leonardo da Vinci, the Raphael Rooms, as well as the Sistine Chapel.

You need to make your travel arrangements with a reputable and reliable tour operator in the area. You can see options here.

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